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Welcome to the Herscher Area Historical Society

President: Carol Desch

Our purpose.....
The purpose of the Herscher Area Historical Society is to capture and preserve history and artifacts related to the Herscher Area from past generations to future generations.

When Do we meet.....
Please call Pat Wagner at 815-949-1555 for the next scheduled meeting date/time. Annual meetings are advertised locally.

Informative historical programs are presented. For meeting topics, visit the Herscher calendar of events page.

Would you like to share your history......
Do you have information about or interested in historical facts of the Herscher area, please join the Herscher Area Historical Society or contact Pat Wagner in the following ways:

Email: Pat Wagner
Telephone: (815) 949-1555
U.S. Mail: Herscher Area Historical Society, PO Box 403, Herscher, IL 60941

Our Donation Wish List
With our growing collection of Herscher Area artifacts the Historical Society has started a wish list that will help us maintain and expand our history & museum.

You can access our WishList.pdf (4KB), thank you in advance for your generous support.

Special Accomplishments:

The Herscher Area Historical Society is proud to announce it's member and author Jim Ridings was awarded the Studs Terkel Award in 2006 for his book "Cardiff: Ghost Town on the Prairie."

Historical Society Publications

Do you have your 2007 Pilot Cemetery DVD from Historic Cemetery Walk from Labor Day?

The 125th Anniversary Souvenir 2007 Calendar by Jim Ridings

Cardiff by Jim Ridings